July 25, 2016

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The Impact of Cuba’s New Real Estate Laws on the Island and the Diaspora

Residential Real Estate Cuba’s current economic reforms are limited and moving forward slowly, but they are moving.  As Rolando Anillo said about the reforms in his presentation, “sin prisa pero sin pausa.”  The range of the topics covered by the … [Read More...]

Property Preservation Companies

Thinking about starting a property preservation company? Read the following article to find out what you should do to get your company started.  There is a lot of opportunity out there today for this kind of company.   Five Property … [Read More...]

Want a Great Commercial Real Estate Investing Experience?

If you are going to invest in commercial real estate, check out this article that is posted below.  It will give you some great tips on making your commercial real estate investing experience the best it can be.  Read all the tips … [Read More...]

Easy Commercial Real Estate Investing Guidelines

If you are ready to get started in commercial real estate, read the following article.  It goes over some very easy to understand commercial real estate investing guidelines.  Check out the details below.   Are you ready to buy your first … [Read More...]

Pick Detroit

If you are trying to figure out where you should invest in real estate next, why not think about Detroit? If you haven't thought about investing in Detroit, read the following article.  It talks about many great reasons Detroit may be the best place … [Read More...]

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