May 3, 2016

Investing your IRA or 401K

Have you thought about the options you have with your 401k and IRA?

Have you thought about investing your IRA or 401K in real estate? If not this is a great opportunity that not enough people take advantage of .  This article tells why investing your IRA or 401 K is a great idea.


Nearly everyone has seen the “fix and flip” house remodeling shows that fill the airwaves these days or may have even heard of a friend of a friend making money at it. But who’s really seeing a bulky return on their investment?

New construction and Pre-construction investors are.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in pre-construction. All you need is free investment capital, someone with the ability to tie up good property, and someone who understands how to build a quality real estate product.

Many would say ‘yes’ to that kind of offer, but don’t have free capital available to do so. But, what if they could use the capital locked up in their IRA or 401k plan?

Your IRA or 401k was meant for your future, right?

It probably isn’t growing at a rate that will maintain your current standard of living for 20 years. If you don’t want to re-enter the workforce after you retire, consider alternative funding for your future.

An IRA LLC – a type of self directed IRA – converts the funds in your current retirement plan to an independently owned and operated entity. You control how the money is invested and which pre-construction projects you want to be a part of.

Buying Power

A new home that hits the market with a price tag of $ 300,000 requires financing of about $ 235,000 to build, depending on the region. The remaining $ 65,000 is the profit split among the investors and the builder. If you could turn $ 235,000 into $ 270,000 in 9 months (typical time from first permit application to “Home for Sale”), you’d be realizing a return rate of nearly 19% annually.

Don’t have $ 235,000 sitting in the bank or your IRA and 401k combined?

One of the great benefits of pre-construction investments is that multiple investors can join funds and realize the same rate of return. As your money grows exponentially with each investment, you’ll soon find yourself able to invest in even larger projects.

More money to invest equals more access to pre-public releases of land deals, investments in high-end exclusive projects with an even greater profit margin and the power to get in at the ground level of emerging markets.

Choices Beyond Homes

How many “fix and flip” shows have you seen that start an office building or resort hotel?

How many retirement condominium complexes? There are plenty of these types of buildings that need repair and may be able to turn a profit, but the typical fix and flipper must find the funding. Now that you know you can join your funds with others, you should also understand that the options don’t end at homes in Anywhere, USA.

What Hawaii was thirty years ago, some say the coast of Mexico is today – a destination where your investment can see unbelievable returns in just a few short years. There will always be some new great vacation hot spot in the world that needs shopping centers, marinas, hotel resorts and, of course, homes to house the resident population. You can help fund these types of projects before construction begins and see your profits roll in as tourists flock.

Funding for the Future

Do you have a friend or family member in the construction business looking for funding for a custom home project? You can invest your retirement funds in the project. Profits are returned to the IRA LLC tax-deferred, where you can reinvest the profits and watch them grow even more.

Interested in investing in pre-construction real estate ventures with your IRA, then visit With market conditions similar to California in the early 1960s, Puerto Vallarta is becoming the “Epicenter of Mexican Real Estate Development.”


Article by Joshua Geary

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