May 27, 2016

How to Get Private Funding

Why should you try to get private funding?

Do you know how to get funding? Besides the conventional way through a bank?  Read the article below which covers how best to get the private funding you need to do the real estate deals that will make you the biggest profits.


As a real estate investor, the availability to attract private money is vital for the success of your real estate investing business. Having a private money website for drawing and impressing private money investors to invest in your business is therefore crucial.

But you must have the correct private money investor website in order to meet this need a website that is clean, professionally designed and laid out, and most importantly, one that leaves no doubt in potential private money investors minds that their money is best invested in your business.

Finding the appropriate web site is therefore critical. So why do you need private money??

1) Do you like the deal?

You are funded!

Can you depend on standard funding for a deal with creative financing (such as taking over payments)?

Even if such a deal can make you $ 100,000?

Practicaly improbable!

No financial institution will lend you money unless it is a straight normal acquisition; not in my knowledge.

With easily accessible private money, you can close the real estate deals you choose: If it appeals to you, it is yours.

2) Close more transactions

With private money, you under-write the transactions. As such, you can do deals that other real estate investors would not touch simply because you have money in the bank from your private money lenders.

You can even enter deals with time limits because you can close deals any time you choose. Traditional banks generally take at least 30 days to finance a deal, and come with tons of under-writing conditions.

Hard money lenders lend only on real estate transactions under certain conditions (like 70% minus repairs). Such conditions will not be present with private money lenders.

3) They are less expensive

Interest charges of hard money loans are at least 16% plus points. Ordinary loan sources will not even consider any transaction unless these deals are straightforward.

4) Your personal investment is not necessary

Normally, points and interest for the first month will be charged before hard money loans close. Likewise, they do not lend in advance for rehab, so you need a fat bank account.

Standard loan deals will require you to put in some of your money, about 10%-20%. But private money will not do that.

Real estate investing websites for attracting private money

You need a professional real estate investing website that projects you to possible private money sources as an accomplished real estate businessman for them to back your transactions with confidence.

Thus you will have all the private money financing you require for real estate deals your competitors may never even dream about.

You should have a private money web site specially crafted for drawing private money sources’ interest to back your business. Naturally, you will not wish to appear haphazard to potential private money investors and financiers.

So the website should portray you as a successful businessman and real estate investor who is knowledgeable and top notch in his field. The website portrayal should make you as a knowledgeable, professional real estate investor who is successful and a leader in his field that private money investors can count on.

The content of the private money investor website should be professionally written to persuade private money lenders that you are the best real estate investor for their cash. It should also be fully optimized for search engines.

Selecting the correct private money lender website in pursuit of this aim is hence a vital requirement for your business success.

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Article by Buck Wise

I am a real estate investor in Dallas Texas. I buy and sell houses, managing my real estate investing business from my real estate investor website from

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