May 29, 2016


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St. Kitts

The Strip on Frigate Bay

Over the past few years, The Strip has become the undisputed number one hot-spot on the island. The Monkey Bar, with its open-air dance floor, brought the first wave of party lovers in the early ‘90s, and has since grown to include a fine restaurant, is located towards the eastern end of The Strip. Opening daily at 10:00 am, enjoy lunch at the restaurant, or come back for live steel music on Friday nights.

Although the Monkey Bar remains a top spot, its status as the prime dancing spot was challenged at the turn of the millennium by Inon’s Bar at the opposite end of The Strip. Inon’s Bar is most popular with a mixed younger crowd of students, locals and visitors.

As this area of Frigate Bay continued to develop and other establishments vied for the patrons of the Monkey Bar and Inon’s, The Strip has become a true phenomenon. Today, there are plenty of places to choose from along The Strip, each with its own mix of music, dance, food, drink and beautiful people.

eDock, situated at the extreme eastern end, is the newest addition to The Strip, and is part of the Timothy Beach Resort. As the name suggests, it offers WiFi service and includes a pier at which small craft can dock, allowing their passengers to stop in for a quick meal, a few drinks and a spectacular view of the sunset. This facility provides an atmosphere that is somewhat contrasting to the more casual ambience that is characteristic of most of The Strip.

Just a few short steps from the Dock is one of the best known spots, Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack. Here, “limers” can enjoy a roaring bonfire, a live band, DJ music, karaoke or even a fire-eating show, depending on the night. Shiggidy Shack is also an excellent place to sample our great Kittitian cuisine in a true traditional island setting. It opens at 10:00 am.

As one continues west along The Strip, the lively Ziggy’s Bar is impossible to miss. This spot is open for breakfast at 7:00 am and also serves lunch and dinner. There is DJ music evenings, Monday through Friday, and live music on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Other stops along The Strip include Sunsplash and the Rainbow Bar, both of which serve meals. The Rainbow Bar has “mike night” (karaoke) on Mondays, and a Thursday movie, in addition to nightly DJ music. And let us not forget Cathy’s Ocean View, a great place to take in our island ambiance as its name implies.

Another popular spot on The Strip is Buddies Bar & Grill. Buddies offers DJ music on weekends and a live band on special occasions. It is located at the western end of the strip, diagonally across the road from Inon’s Bar. It opens at 9:00 am.

As you’ll see, South Frigate Bay is much more than a lovely beach for daytime sunbathing and other pleasures. After you watch that sun go down, stick around and watch as The Strip transforms into a vibrant and exciting hot-spot that keeps the heat on until the wee hours of the morning.


Our capital, Basseterre, is a delightful mix of small shops and manageable malls, including the Pelican Mall and the TDC Mall, carrying a wide assortment of Kittitian delights and merchandise. You can buy locally designed clothing, including popular batik prints, & wonderful art.


Frigate Bay-North (windsurfing, surfing, swimming, near hotels)

Frigate Bay-South (bars, waterskiing,windsurfing)

Friars Bay (picnics, kids, swimming)

Cockleshell Bay (secluded, swimming, view of Nevis)

Dieppe Bay Beach (snorkeling, swimming)

Half Moon Bay (swimming, bodysurfing)

White House Bay (snorkeling, swimming)

Banana Bay (secluded, swimming)

Turtle Beach (swimming, picnic, near restaurant)

Conaree Beach (snorkeling, bodysurfing)

Sandy Bank (secluded, swimming)

Turtle Bay (seclusion, surfing)

Pump Bay (swimming, diving, snorkeling)

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Walk up and down the streets of this delightful town and see one of the best remaining examples of the colonial era in the Caribbean. The lack of modernization has kept much of Charlestown in its original state, and local efforts are underway to preserve the original buildings. There are numerous 18th and 19th century buildings that are Georgian in style and fit into a certain scale. Most of them in town were built with stone first floors and wooden structure upstairs. The first floor were shops and the merchants lived above them. Many of them have hip roofs.


Arts, Crafts & Clothing
Fiery Nevis’ hot sauce, fragrant honey, and handcrafted red clay pottery items are among the most popular souvenirs to take home from Nevis. But there are plenty of small shops and boutiques offering a full line of tropical clothing, swimwear, and colorful men’s shirts.

Working Together
Many local crafts are made by members of local cooperatives-groups of craft men that work together to continue the local traditions. One of these is the Nevis Pottery, located near Newcastle, where you can watch the potters create the handsome red-clay pots and other artifacts. Another is the Nevis Craft Cooperative, where the crafts people weave rugs, make whimsical wooden mobiles, and other wood and ceramics. Their “factory” and store is on the main road just north of Charlestown. Another shop is located in the Cotton Ginnery.

To Market, To Market
For Caribbean-raised produce, fresh spices and homemade hot sauces, visit the colourful City Market near the ferry dock in the center of Charlestown. Sample the wide variety of local produce, like christophene, breadfruit, plantain, tannia, avocados (called “pears” here), yams, and pumpkin, all available in season. The market is open daily except Sunday. The busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays.


Cades Bay (swimming, bar hopping)

Ft. Ashby (birding, picnics)

Gallow’s Bay (snorkeling at south end)

Herbert’s Beach (swimming, snorkeling, bar)

Long Haul Bay (snorkeling)

Lovers Beach (secluded, swimming)

Newcastle Beach (white sand, walks)

Nisbet Beach (swimming, shelling, snorkeling)

Oualie Beach (swimming, sports, kids)

Pinney’s Beach (swimming,bars)

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