May 5, 2016

Nicaragua Real Estate

Isla De Ometepe offers beautiful views.

Isla De Ometepe offers beautiful views.

Historically, attorneys and notaries handled real estate sales in Nicaragua until 25 years ago. The Nicaraguan Government still does not control or license the real estate Industry. This is not to be confused with the property registration system. Each County in Nicaragua has it’s own Land Titles Office, and property records date back to the late 1800’s, and are very detailed and accurate.

The way that real estate business is now conducted in Nicaragua has changing dramatically over the last 10 years, and a large number of professional Real Estate offices have opened up in Managua, Granada, and San Juan del Sur. Today, there are approximately 50 professional real estate Companies operating throughout Nicaragua.

The payment of realtors commission is generally the responsibility of the seller. The buyer generally pays for the real estate transfer taxes, title searches, surveys, title registration, attorney fees, and other miscellaneous fees. So, as you can see, not every real estate transaction will be the same.

Via Nicaragua Realty

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