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    Marcus Tipton |

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    I am new here and want to take an opportunity to present myself to everyone here.

    I am a former Liaison between Governments and NGO type organizations in West Africa, Central America, Vanuatu, Australia and the Philippines. While I do not have a history in Real Estate sales per se, I am very experienced in regards to the planning and development of Sustainable Community Developments and Isolated Community Service Centers. I specialize in the custom creation of developments that are Economically, Environmentally and Socially sustainable in nature and design. Former efforts in West Africa found me caught in a literal conflict between a sitting President and the son of a former President over funds that had been arranged for many such developments in numerous nations, resulting in devastating losses for me personally. However, this has also left a great opportunity for a more Commercial, ideally equally sustainable development on a Private Island where all of the arrangements for development have already commenced … but lack the funding and now, the leadership team to develop the land. As such, I hope to meet like-minded people here and perhaps to establish the requisite contacts and partnerships to develop this project as a private venture. I look forward to lurking and learning and hopefully, engaging in productive discourse regarding this and other deals here.

    Thank you for the forum and a place to make my voice and ideas heard.

    Marcus WC Tipton

    Marcus Tipton

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