Assisted Living Syndication

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    Anthony |

    Posted 2 Years Ago

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    We are currently syndicating with passive investors on a senior's housing project in Northern California. I wanted to see if other investors in this space have invested in a syndication and what their experience was. Did it meet expectations?

    Thank you

    Anthony Barbato

    Consolidated Carehomes Inc.


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    Nick |

    Posted 1 Year Ago

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    Hey Anthony,

    We are currently doing a ALF syndication as well.

    Our investors were happy to get there money out of the market before COVID-19.

    The one thing that helped us was partnering with an SDIRA company because some of our investors were doing ROTH Conversions to invest in the ALF.

    This made things go much more smoothly than if we had to direct them how to do everything.

    Interested to hear if anyone else has any thoughts.

    Nick Bond

    Renovation 320

    (386) 433-2167

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