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    Compound De Joya 2 in the Egyptian New Administrative Capital is the fourth projects of the crown of Egypt's projects after the compound De Joya 1 residential high-end residential area which has been very successful in attracting the fans of the top-quality View of Green Landscapes, the luxury of which you have been dreaming of. In addition to the services,

      De Joya 2 New Capital present all you need to help your customers in terms of the company's features, rates and payment options.

    Owning an apartment in De Joya 2 compound enables you to take use of the many services and benefits that the complex offers, whether within the compound itself or through the surrounding compounds within the New Administrative Capital.
    The complex includes wide green lands and scenery areas. There is an aquarium specifically for the project at De Joya 2 New Capital.
    The compound has 3 swimming pools.also,there is a path to walk, cycle and run, away from the roads of cars.
    There is a private parking and garage under each building for your car and a roof garden above the building.
    Commercial, administrative and medical units are part of a business center facing the tourist promenade and the central park.

    New Capital’s De Joya 2 Compound in Egypt also provides gym, outdoor gym, jacuzzi, spa and sauna for sports fans. A separate placeis designated for children's care and enjoyment while achieving all security means. There's Club House, Outdoor Cinema and Open Clubhouse. It includes clinics, kindergartens, pharmacies and international schools.

    Following the success of De Joya Compound 1, located on the R8, De Joya 2 Compound was created. This modern high-class building, similar to the complex, is equipped with many facilities, services, sports and leisure activities that you need, as well as ideal views over the green areas and the landscapes, state-of-the-art modern apartment designs and competitive prices for De Joya 2 New Administrative Capital in Egypt, with facilitations on the payment systems.


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