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    Ritch |

    Posted 2 Years Ago

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    Does anyone invest outside of their home market? I can't seem to find a lot of people who live and invest in Indianapolis Indiana. Does anyone live outside of Indiana and invest in Indianapolis? I would be interested to hear about your strategy and how you are doing?

    Ritch Bonisa


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    Corina Eufinger |

    Posted 1 Year Ago

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    Hi Ritch,
    While I'm not Indiana I don't invest where I live. Though I do live in the state where I invest I make it a point to be at least 2 counties away from from whatever I buy. I do not want buy in a city I plan on living in. It's easier for me to be the hands off landlord (delegated to a PM) if there is distance between myself and my properties. I don't actively manage the day to day of my properties and honestly don't want to and the best way to achieve that is to put some space between me and them.

    Corina Eufinger (CEO)

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    Stephen |

    Posted 6 Months Ago

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    I have bought a number of properties outside my market (non in Indianapolis). I now buy off-market and create great deals this way so have only been buying in my home market the last few years.

    Stephen Keighery

    Home Buyer Louisiana

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