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    Renae Pinkney |

    Posted 3 Years Ago

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    Hello All,

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say heyyyy!!!
    Im Renae..IT Consultant by day (DMV Area…whohoo Amazon!!) …Student of the RE Investing industry by night.
    Currently enrolled in a RE Salesperson course to soak up some knowledge from that aspect. Still on the fence about actually becoming an agent although I understand the leverage it could potentially provide.
    My plans over the next few mths – year is to get fully acclimated by attending as many meetups as possible, network, and taking action on wholesale deals to build up cash flow for my first home purchase and eventually in the near future buy and hold my way in to financial freedom! (duuhhh!!!)

    Feel free to drop a note, share some tips, sites I should visit that you think maybe useful for a newbie.

    Cheers! 🙂

    Renae Pinkney

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    Robert Lawry II |

    Posted 3 Years Ago

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    Hi Renae,
    Great to have you here.
    Yes, go network as much as you can. Networking is how I got started and it is a huge key to being successful in real estate investing.

    Robert Lawry II, CEO & Editor

    Rei Media, LLC

    Lic # CBC1254563


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    Steven Adler |

    Posted 3 Years Ago

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    Hello Renae,
    I'm Steven and I'm new here, Nice to meet you.

    Steven Adler

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    Corina Eufinger |

    Posted 3 Years Ago

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    Welcome Renae! Glad to have you here with us! My best piece of advice is telling everyone you are interested in real estate (because opportunities come from unexpected places) and don't let any outsider talk you out of it.

    There's a thread going with a list of people's favorite books. Check that out.

    Corina Eufinger (CEO)

    Brio Properties

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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