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    My name is Kent Williams

    It all started 27 years ago in Long Beach California where I had the to make a choice to either keep working for people and investing my time and energy in there business , only to be laid off after working for them for over 10 years I had a great job with a Fortune 500 company where I service computers for over 10 years and i Love the job and one day ,out of nowhere I was laid off along with 20 other people and I had to look at myself and say you know my life cannot be like this , I cannot let another person control my Destiny.

    So I start reading and I found an area in the real estate market that was easy to gain entry to and I learned as much as I could about it. It was called property preservation and I did what any other business person would do I acquired all the tools I would need to open the business, I found me a good crew and then I started to Market myself and my company to get contracts with banks and asset managers . So I Market myself and my company , until one day I looked up and my first year past and I had grossed $190,000 by doing property preservation for banks and asset manager and I continue to do this for years.

    Until one day I start looking at the opportunities that were in front of me I was at the foreclosed properties before they were listed so these properties were all off Market properties and I had been in the industry long enough that the companies I will work we're ask me to do properties inspections on the homeowners who we're behind on their mortgage , and i would go to a property to see if someone live there and take properties Condition photos And send the report back to the bank telling them that either the property was occupied or not . and then the bank started asking me to meet the sheriff for the sheriff lockout and once the sheriff remove the person from their home I would go into the property and I will give the bank a full report on what needed to repair ,and take inventory on all the homeowners belongings .

    So just like the property preservation opportunity I started to look at the opportunity that was in front of me .My company was at these Foreclosed property before they were listed, these were off market deals.

    So I put together a team just like I did in the property preservation business, I found me a appraiser , A lender and I'm an experience as a contractor .

    Once I had my team put together , I started to write down the addresses of all the properties that That we worked on that had a good ARV , and I could make a profit by adding value to the homes, then I would call the Asset manager or the bank And tell them I like to place an offer on the property once they had a list price.

    Kent Williams

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