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    Attention all real estate investors!, West Capital Consultants arranges short term and long term financing for both residential and commercial property owners nationwide.

    We offer NO DOCUMENTATION MORTGAGE LOANS!! and can easily close our loans in 10 business days.
    We have among the best competitive rates in the industry, starting as low as 3.25% We do all of the following

    1) Purchase/fix and flip mortgages to 90% Acquisition and 100% rehab cost
    2) Construction loans up to 90% LTC!.
    3) Cash out refinance on 1-4 family homes and commercial properties to 80 LTV!
    4) Rental purchases up to 85% LTV.
    5) Pure asset based mortgages, NO DOCUMENTATION NEEDED! TO 65% LTV
    6) NO APPRAISAL REQUIRED! ( In some states and programs)
    7) Low fico scores to no scores at all required!

    Our programs are very flexible and we can close in 10 business days!

    Inbox me or email me for more info.
    [email protected]

    Ms. Bynum(CEO)

    Pretty Gurls Investments


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