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    Thank you for your interest & participation in the discussion forums. These forums are for “discussions” between community members such as asking questions, giving suggestions, reviewing deals and so on.

    The discussion forums are not for self-promotion, advertising, personal attacks or defamatory statements.

    For the benefit of all members and to maintain a quality discussion forum, the following guidelines are required to be followed:

    • No Advertising
    • No Self-Promotion
    • No Personal Attacks
    • No Defamatory Statements
    • No Teaser Posts or List Building Requests (Such as “Email me if…” or “Please respond if you want…”)
    • No Posting of Contact Information

    Report Violations

    If you see someone who is not following these guidelines, please click the “Report Abuse” in the post and one of our moderators will take a look. Everyone's help in keeping our community clean is greatly appreciated.


    These forums are moderated & we reserve the right to edit or delete posts which violate these guidelines or are deemed inappropriate in any way. Please understand these guidelines are in place for the benefit of the rei community as a whole. These guidelines will be expanded as necessary to maintain a healthy community.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I personally really appreciated your participation in this real estate investing community.

    Robert Lawry II, CEO

    Robert Lawry II, CEO & Editor

    Rei Media, LLC

    Lic # CBC1254563


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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