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    Have you been working with Carrot Real Estate? There are multiple reviews of Investor Carrot, but most of them barely scratch the surface. We decided to take a deep dive and analyze the SEO strategy that Carrot implement on their websites – and how it can be improved.

    The key takeaway is that Carrot sites are utterly alike, in terms of technology, content as well as keyword targeting. While cookie-cutter sites are usually frowned upon, Investor Carrot sites seem to benefit from sharing the same subset of data within thousands of websites in the same exact niche. However, there is a clear conflict of interest since they’re effectively pitting their customers against each-other in search rankings with the same targets, and there are only so many spots on the first page.

    Read the full Investor Carrot SEO performance analysis here:

    (Hope the link is alright, I couldn’t post the whole article here)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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